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Deaf Lawyers UK has been in existence since 2004. We hope to increase our numbers as more Deaf individuals enter the profession.

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  • Venceslau Cassul
    Deaf, Venceslau Cassul graduated with a LLB (Hons) in Law from the University of Kent, an LLM at the University of Derby and Criminal Justice & Criminology at the International Career Institute in 2012. He wishes to become a solicitor or barrister in the future.
  • Siobhan Charnay
    Deaf, Siobhan is currently in her final year of LLB at the University of Wolverhampton, which she is thoroughly enjoying. With an active involvement in the Deaf community, her career aim is to bridge the difficult gap that Deaf/HoH individuals have trying to get legal advice. Siobhan is passionate and determined to ensure that there is equal services for the Deaf/HoH. She is due to start her Legal Practice Course at the University of Wolverhampton in September 2012.
  • Tom Conlon-Perry
    Coming soon.
  • Dr Joanna Downes
    Deaf, Joanna is from Leicester and is already a consultant and researcher with a Doctorate in Deaf Child Attachment. She commenced her Graduate Diploma in Law at De Montfort University in October 2012. Joanna is also a mother of two cheeky monsters and her husband is Deaf too. She says that the reason she is studying law is to learn more about Human Rights and Child Law. She would like to do more research and academic work in law and later take on individual cases to look at improving Deaf and disabled children's quality of life.
  • Richard Dunford
    Deaf, Richard passed his Solicitors Finals and Articles a while ago. Since he has worked as an employed solicitor for 18 years, at the London Borough of Newham, to the level of Acting Principal Solicitor for the borough. More recently, he was the Head of Procurement and Contract at the London Development Agency until he took early retirement in 2011. Outside his work, he is a trustee of Sign Health and is on the Management Committee of RAD Deaf Law Centre. Richard has been involved with the Group for Solicitors with Disabilities (now the Lawyers with Disabilities Division) since its inception, and has previously been its past Chairman.
  • Laura Eadsforth
    Deaf, Laura is a graduate of the University of Central Lancashire with a BA (Hons) degree in Deaf Studies and Sociology, and completed a MA in Television Studies with the University of Wales Aberystwyth in July 2009. Laura has worked for RAD Deaf Law Centre since June 2005. She is a specialist caseworker in the areas of welfare benefits, employment, debt and housing, and has a particular interest in family law. Laura has embarked on the second year of a ILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, with the aim of becoming a Legal Executive.
  • Stacy Hawker
    Deaf, Stacy is currently a first year LLB Law student at Queen Mary, University of London.
  • Robert Hunter
    Deaf, Robert graduated with a degree in Psychology from York and has an LLM from University College London and an MA in Business Law from what was then City of London Polytechnic (now London Metropolitan University. He joined Allen & Overy in 1984 and became a partner in 1990 and is now a partner of another large city law firm, where he specialises in Fraud and Trust Litigation. Robert conducts advocacy and has cross examined in court using special microphone equipment and with the help of a transcriber. He lectures on fraud and trust Litigation, questioning and interviewing techniques and various psychology related areas. He and his colleague Kayleigh Farmer (who transcribes for him at meetings and in court) are happy to be contacted by anyone seeking advice on working in law related areas with hearing loss. Please contact us for their direct contact details.
  • Paul Lennon
    Deaf, Paul originates from Wrexham, North Wales. He went to Derby College for the Deaf where he studied to be a chef. After acheiving his goal of becoming a head chef he has found a new direction in which to take his career forward. Originally starting as a volunteer caseworker at the Royal Association for Deaf people, Paul went on to become a Legal Caseworker. He is currently a Deaf Achieve Project Co-ordinator for RAD, and has just completed the second year of Open University's LLB programme. Paul aims to become a solicitor.
  • Imogen Manuel
    Deaf, Imogen graduated with Joint Honours in Law and Criminology at Lancaster University in 2011. Currently taking a gap year travelling around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Imogen plans to start her Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in Bristol in September 2012 which she will be doing part-time as she hopes to find work as a full-time paralegal until she finishes her studies. Imogen is passionate about family law and criminal law, and hopes to specialise in one of these areas. Her overall goal would be to make all people aware that deafness is not a barrier and to become a role model for those who feel that they are living in 'a hearing world' that they are not part of.