Welcome to the Deaf Lawyers UK website. This is a collaboration between UK based Deaf and hard of hearing lawyers, students and those trying to access the profession.

The numbers of Deaf people entering this profession is relatively small, due to a combination of the following: educational standards, low expectations of Deaf people, a lack of appropriate role models, attitude and a simple lack of access.

“I sometimes wonder whether people’s attitudes to my Deafness poses a barrier to progressing further in the legal profession.”

Details of who we are, is listed in the “About Us” section. It is collectively intended to document that we exist, and secondly to provide an insight into some of the issues and experiences we encounter. In addition, to act as a resource base for Deaf people thinking about entering the profession.

Additionally, a recurring theme within the Deaf legal sphere, is how little Deaf people make a contribution, and take a lead or at the very least participate as active contributors. We would like to try and readdress this, particularly through the Blawg section of this website. Whilst the main site will remain fairly static in content, the Deaf Blawg will be updated regularly.

We hope you find this website of some benefit. Should you wish to contact any one of us, please use the “Contact” section.

If you are a Deaf law student seeking to become a solicitor or barrister, a Deaf trainee solicitor or a Deaf pupil, or a Deaf solicitor or Deaf barrister, or perhaps even a non-practising Deaf lawyer, please visit the “Join” section to become an active member of Deaf Lawyers UK.

Please note: the term ‘Deaf’ is capitalised to mean all deaf people, to indicate positive affirmation of their identity; and as a celebration of individual and collective talent.